Why this is an empty blog page...!

Ah the conflicts and torments of the Information Security (InfoSec) professional. I cannot tell you, in this open forum, about the many projects I've been involved in, the difference I have made, the people I have met, the challenges I have faced... not explicitly anyway! 

I do not tweet regularly. I'm too outspoken! It seems to me that too many people get in too much trouble in this arena - and it ultimately has no material difference on me maintaining a happy client base.

In terms of industry contributions, I've: 

  • worked on a government research project into Cyber Trust and Crime Prevention, many years ago
  • written two information security books
    • Achieving Best Practice in Public Sector Information Security, Ark Group Publishing, ISBN 978-1-906355-39-5 [2008]
    • Once more unto the Breach – Managing Information Security in an Uncertain World, ITGP, ISBN 978-1-849283885 [2012, reprinted 2015]
  • produced a PhD thesis 
  • published several membership journal articles (for example, ISSA)
    • Understanding Control Standards within the context of Standards, Compliance and Governance, ISSA Journal 2012, August, pages 25-29
  • written several blogs for Tripwire, for example:
  • spoken at numerous conferences over the years, including ISACA UK, ISACA Ireland and IISP
  • produced multiple blogs for the BCS, historically.

If you Google "Andrea Simmons security", I'm immortalised on YouTube amongst other sources - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSIfDBJnHUE&t=1s 

If you want to hear from me, knock yourself out! If you would like me to write something for you - or speak at an event - get in touch.